Summary of 7 Vendors of Aniracetam Powder & Capsules

Summary of 7 Vendors of Aniracetam Powder & Capsules

Aniracetam is the generic name for the synthetic chemical compound N-anisoyl-2-pyrrolidinone. It acts as an AMPA receptor modulator and it belongs to a class of drugs known as racetams.

This substance was developed by a Swiss pharmaceutical company called Hoffmann-La Roche and it is approved and sold as a medical treatment in some European countries. It is an unapproved and unregulated medication in the U.S. and many other countries.

Some manufacturers sell aniracetam as an over-the-counter cognitive enhancer. Consumers use it to improve memory and mental performance as well as to combat anxiety and depression. Due to the lack of human studies, none of the suggested nootropic benefits of this compound are backed by a definitive clinical evidence.

Who Should Buy Aniracetam?

Some animal studies showed that aniracetam has potential anxiolytic and anti-depressant effects. (1)(2) There is also some evidence that it may improve cognitive functions in individuals suffering from anxiety and other neurological disorders. However, studies failed to establish any significant benefits in healthy test subjects. (3)

There is mixed anecdotal evidence for the effectiveness of aniracetam as a nootropic; some users say it provides mild anti-anxiety and mood-boosting effects, other users say it has no significant effect!

If you are a healthy individual, chances are you will find this substance useless, and the same goes for other similar compounds!

Where to Buy Aniracetam?

Here is a rundown of seven of the most popular vendors that sell aniracetam:

HR Supplements

HR Supplements has been in the business of making and distributing nutritional supplements for years. They offer many quality products including nootropic compounds at very competitive prices.

  • Sells powder at $16.99 for 30 grams.
  • Sells capsules at $19.99 for 120 count x 1000mg (discount on 2 bottles and above).
  • Ships to the U.S. and Canada.
  • Accepts major credit cards.

Visit HR Supplements’ official website!

Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot has the widest selection of nootropic compounds online. They have a long history of being a reliable supplier that offers high quality, lab tested products. You can’t go wrong with this one!

  • Sells powder at $16.99 for 30 grams.
  • Sells capsules at $25.99 for 60 count x 750mg.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts major credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies.

Visit Nootropics Depot’s official website!

Pure Nootropics

Pure Nootropics is a small, niche online store that carries a range of natural and synthetic supplements. They have been one of the top suppliers of racetams since the early days of this industry and they are known for their outstanding service.

  • Sells powder at $25.45 for 75 grams.
  • Sells capsules at $24.99 for 60 count x 750mg.
  • Ships to the U.S., Canada, UK, and other countries.
  • Accepts major credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

Visit Pure Nootropics’ official website!


NewMind is aimed more at the professional market as they provide many different research chemicals for neuroscientists and researchers. Some consumers source nootropics from them, but they may require account approval when ordering certain products.

  • Sells powder at $29.88 for 50 grams.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts major credit cards, cryptocurrencies and bank transfer.

Visit NewMind’s official website!

Health Naturals

Health Naturals may be one of the newer vendors in the nootropics field, but the company has been in the health and nutrition business since 2003. They are among the few reliable U.S.-based stores that sell aniracetam and other racetams.

  • Sells capsules at $24.99 for 70 count x 750mg.
  • Ships to the U.S. and Canada.
  • Accepts major credit cards.

Visit Health Naturals’ official website!


NutriVitaShop is a bulk supplier of powdered nutritional supplements. They aren’t particularly known as a nootropics vendor, but they do offer a couple of racetams at wholesale pricing, namely aniracetam and oxiracetam. They seem to have mostly positive reviews from their customers.

  • Sells powder at $14.95 for 25 grams.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts major credit cards.

Visit NutriVitaShop’s official website! offers several premium nootropics in capsule form. Besides the cool package design, there isn’t anything that special about their products, but they seem to have high quality control standards. Their prices are truly premium though!

  • Sells capsules at $49.00 for 60 count x 750mg.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts major credit cards and Bitcoin.

Visit’s official website!

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