Best CBD Oil on Amazon: None! Where Else to Buy The Real Stuff?

Best CBD Oil on Amazon: None! Where Else to Buy The Real Stuff?

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers of dietary supplements of all kinds, but it seems that they are missing one of the hottest-selling products in the health and wellness realm these days: CBD.

There are absolutely no CBD products on Amazon, including oils, capsules, creams, edibles, or any other form of product that contains CBD. This leads to the obvious conclusion: this stuff is banned on Amazon. But why?

Amazon Wants Nothing to Do With CBD

There is no doubt that the trending CBD market is highly controversial with several unanswered questions about the uses, efficacy, safety and legality of this supposedly new breakthrough, wondrous elixir.

But Amazon is full of other questionable, completely useless, over-hyped, and even 100% scam supplements, and many of those have been available for sale on Amazon for years, so what makes CBD an exception?

I don’t think the problem is with the false or unproven health claims that most CBD manufacturers and sellers make — it’s obvious Amazon don’t verify or care about what claims their sellers make about their products. The reason why Amazon doesn’t want to deal with CBD has more to do with its legality.

Only CBD oil that is made from the industrial hemp plant and contains less than 0.3% THC is legal in all 50 states. There are also various state laws regarding the growth, extraction and processing of CBD products that manufacturers must abide by.

Because the CBD industry is not regulated by the FDA, every manufacturer is responsible for complying with the applicable laws and requirements for the production of CBD, but some manufacturers have been found to violate some legal requirements.

Long story short, there is a lot of legal issues and liability involved in the sale of CBD products, and many retail stores and online shopping platforms have opted not to take the risk. Amazon chose to remain on the safe side and not allow the sale of CBD oil or any products that include CBD.

But What About Hemp Oil?

Interestingly, you can still find hemp oil for sale on Amazon, but that’s not the same as CBD oil.

It’s true that CBD oil is made from hemp, but raw hemp oil is not the same as purified CBD oil. CBD is extracted from the stems, leaves and flowers of industrial hemp and then processed to a certain concentration of CBD that is often stated on the label.

Hemp oil is usually made from the seeds, which do not contain any significant, biologically effective amounts of CBD. Hemp oil may contain a very tiny, insignificant content of CBD or even no CBD at all.

On the other hand, CBD oil is guaranteed and verified by lab tests to contain a certain amount of CBD per bottle or serving, which is usually clearly stated on the label.

So, Where to Buy Real CBD Oil?

The options are limitless for CBD brands, formulations, and vendors. The following are three of the best, reliable places where you can order lab-tested CBD oil as well as a variety of other CBD products:

  • Joy Organics: Offers THC-free, broad spectrum, alcohol-free CBD oil tincture. They also have CBD softgels that contain water-soluble (or water-dispersible), nanoemulsified CBD.
  • Big Sky Botanicals: Offers THC-free, broad spectrum CBD oil tincture, as well as Hydro tincture made from nanoemulsified, water-soluble CBD that has higher bioavailability.
  • Mission Farms CBD: Carries full spectrum and THC-free oils in a variety of flavors.

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