Where to Buy Nootropics? Which Vendors Are Most Trustworthy?

Where to Buy Nootropics? Which Vendors Are Most Trustworthy?

Nootropics comprise a diverse group of supplements and drugs with potential cognition-enhancing properties. An increasing number of people, including students and professionals, have lately been resorting to these substances in order to boost their cognitive performance and/or fend off certain mental health problems.

You won’t have a problem sourcing natural or herbal types of nootropics; the ones that ideally fit the definition of an over-the-counter dietary supplement. Natural nootropics — like alpha-GPC, L-theanine, bacopa monnieri, etc. — can be easily found at Amazon, Walmart, and most health stores.

However, when it comes to synthetic nootropics — like piracetam, phenibut, noopept, adrafinil, etc. — you will notice that most of the major retailers don’t carry these substances. The obvious reason is that these are not considered “dietary supplements” as per the FDA’s guidelines and there are many unanswered questions about their efficacy and safety.

Most synthetic nootropics are not regulated or controlled, which means it is legal to sell and buy them without a prescription, but the catch is that they can’t be sold as either a “dietary supplement” or a “treatment” for any disease.

While major brands refrain from offering non-natural nootropics, there are quite a few authentic suppliers and vendors that are dedicated to this niche, although the list keeps getting shorter due to international regulatory issues in this industry.

The following is a short and sweet review of some of the most trustworthy places where you can buy different forms and formulations of nootropics; synthetic and natural ones.

HR Supplements (aka Hard Rhino)

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, HR Supplements (aka Hard Rhino and Supplement Partners LLC) has been a reliable manufacturer and seller of nutritional products for several years.

They are mostly known as a bulk supplier of sports supplements, such as soy and whey protein powders. They have recently launched new lines of products including nootropics and mushroom extracts.

They offer several synthetic and natural nootropics in powder and capsule form. Just to name a few of their products: phenibut, adrafinil, noopept and a bunch of racetams.

Lab testing is done in-house and they publish the certificates of analysis on their website.

HR Supplements ships worldwide.

Visit HR Supplements’ official website!


Located in Grandville, Michigan, Nootropics.com is a decent online shop that carries various types of natural and synthetic nootropics in capsule form that come in well-designed glass jars.

What I like the most about this company is that they seem to have a higher sense of professionalism that shows through their website and product designs. Their products don’t just look cool, they are also of high quality and lab-tested for purity. In a small online niche market where there are numerous shabby companies, this one definitely stands out.

The main disadvantage of Nootropics.com is their premium prices. Maybe compared to some UK or EU-based vendors, their high prices can seem rather reasonable, but among U.S. vendors, they are probably the most expensive I’ve seen.

If I were shopping for natural nootropics, I think I’d go with one of the many other reputable and cheaper brands. However, for hard-to-find, occasional-use synthetic nootropics, this would be one of my top options.

Nootropics.com ships most of their products worldwide.

Visit Nootropics.com’s official website!

Nootropics Depot

Located in Tempe, Arizona, Nootropics Depot is one of the largest suppliers of nootropic substances that has been in business for a few years.

Nootropics Depot is often praised for their first-rate quality control and customer service by buyers inside and outside the U.S. You can check out some of their customers’ reviews on their Facebook page. They also have an official subreddit and many Redditors vouch for this company.

They do their own in-house lab testing, and upon request they can provide the certificate of analysis corresponding to a specific lot.

Nootropics Depot ships most of their products worldwide.

Visit Nootropics Depot’s official website!

Pure Nootropics

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Pure Nootropics is one of the highly reputable online retailers of powdered and encapsulated nootropics. They have been in business for many years and still maintain an excellent reputation for product quality and customer service.

They carry various synthetic compounds like adrafinil, noopept and racetams, but not phenibut. They also offer many natural and mushroom supplements.

Each batch of their raw materials is tested for purity in a third-party lab, and you can view the corresponding certificates of analysis on their website.

Pure Nootropics ships their products worldwide (excluding some problematic countries).

Visit Pure Nootropics’ official website!

Double Wood Supplements

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Double Wood Supplements is a small company that manufactures dietary supplements in capsule form. They have a good selection of natural brain enhancer supplements, most of which have many positive reviews from their customers.

They are one of the top vendors of adrafinil in the U.S., and based on what others say about it, it seems to be of good quality. They don’t sell racetams or other chemical nootropics at the moment.

Double Wood Supplements only ships to the USA.

Visit Double Wood Supplements’ official website!

Raw Powders

Located in Kaunas, Lithuania, Raw Powders is one of Europe’s few reliable suppliers of phenibut, noopept, and several other natural nootropics.

Most reviews on their website and elsewhere are positive, although they have been accused of not publishing negative reviews on their website. Many users reported a good experience with their phenibut, which is their best-selling product.

Raw Powders offers several express delivery options to Europe and standard mail delivery worldwide.

Visit Raw Powders’ official website!

Cosmic Nootropic

Located in Moscow, Russia, Cosmic Nootropic is one of the few legit online vendors where you can source brand-name nootropic drugs manufactured by licensed pharmaceutical companies in Russia and neighboring countries.

They carry brand-name noopept, phenibut (Noophen), picamilon, piracetam (Nootropil), phenylpiracetam (Entrop), Semax, and other products that aren’t usually sold by U.S. suppliers.

Cosmic Nootropic ships to the USA and most countries, however, payment can be a hassle for some buyers as they only accept Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies and some other forms of money transfer (indirect credit card payments).

Visit Cosmic Nootropic’s official website!

Pure Bulk

Located in Roseburg, Oregon, Pure Bulk is a great place where many price-conscious consumers source raw supplements in powder or capsule form at competitively low, bulk prices.

If you are looking for herbal or natural nootropics, this is a reliable store where you can expect to get a lot of bang for your buck.

Pure Bulk ships worldwide.

Visit Pure Bulk’s official website!

Super Smart

Located in Luxemburg, Super Smart is one of Europe’s largest online health stores featuring a variety of herbs, vitamins and other supplements for a wide range of health purposes.

They stock many natural brain health supplements, and from the more serious substances they’ve got noopept and phenibut capsules.

If you live in Europe, this could be a more favorable place to shop for natural nootropics. They support different languages, and they also have a U.S. website. Price-wise, many of their products come with premium pricing.

Super Smart ships worldwide.

Visit Super Smart’s official website!

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