Wondering Where to Buy Phenibut? A Summary of 13 Vendors That Carry The Powder and Capsules

Wondering Where to Buy Phenibut? A Summary of 13 Vendors That Carry The Powder and Capsules

It’s rare to stumble upon an OTC supplement that has a remarkable effect, but it looks like you just have!

Phenibut, however, is not a dietary supplement, but rather a non-FDA-approved synthetic amino acid compound that is available for purchase over the counter. Many people have had satisfactory results with phenibut as it is one of the few non-Rx substances with a potent calming effect.

Buyer Beware! Phenibut is not a dietary supplement and it does not improve cognitive performance. It is a synthetic anxiolytic compound that has some serious risks including tolerance build-up, dependence, withdrawal symptoms, and a high abuse potential. It should be used with extreme caution.

Where on Earth to Buy Phenibut From?

Not at Walmart, CVS, Amazon, etc. — none of these mainstream retail stores sells this stuff due to safety concerns and classification/regulatory issues surrounding it. It is only available at some niche online stores.

The following is a quick review of the most popular phenibut vendors. Available discount coupon codes are also listed in the table below. Click the “more…” link to jump to a more detailed overview of the company.

Vendor Coupon Code Quick Note
1. LiftMode REDDIT10 (10% off) Responsive and friendly customer service and a good selection of HCl and FAA powder formulations. (more…)
2. HR Supplements N/A Good quality HCl and FAA powders at low prices. (more…)
3. Nootropics Depot REDDITS (10% off) Great quality control and fast shipping. (more…)
4. NutriVitaShop NVSOFF (5% off) Raw powder supplier — good for bulk orders. (more…)
5. SportPoeders N/A Best European supplier of raw powder. (more…)
6. Raw Powders NEW15-23 (15% off) A good European supplier but a little expensive. (more…)
7. Cosmic Nootropic WELCOME (10% off) A reliable Russian shop that sells pharmaceutical-grade brands. (more…)
8. RUPharma N/A Another Russian seller of brand-name, pharmaceutical-grade Noofen. (more…)
9. SuperSmart SMART019 (15% off) A large supplement store with US and EU branches. Very costly. (more…)
10. Intellimeds N/A One of the oldest European shops for nootropics. Very costly. (more…)
11. Science.bio N/A A new store that focuses on research chemicals. (more…)
12. TheSmartShopOnline N/A A generic reseller shop that carries nootropics from lesser-known manufacturers. (more…)
13. Absorb Health take5 (5% off) Poor customer service and outdated COA. They used to do better. (more…)


LiftMode specializes in the sale of brain-boosting nutritional supplements. They don’t carry synthetic substances like racetams and others, but they do have a range of phenibut formulations, which is their flagship top-selling product and it has been so for several years.

You can find different forms of phenibut at LiftMode including HCl and FAA as pure powder, fine/large crystals, and capsules.

LiftMode’s phenibut has many positive reviews from their customers, some of whom were unhappy with the recent price rise, which nonetheless still remains quite reasonable. Quality wise, not many other companies can top or match this company’s phenibut.

What I admire the most about this vendor is their outstanding customer service. Their support team responds to emails promptly; normally within hours on business days. Customer support is a make-or-break issue for me as I don’t like to wait several days for a simple email response!

  • Sells powder at $21.68 for 40 grams.
  • Sells capsules at $19.68 for 70 count x 300mg.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts major credit cards, cryptocurrencies and eChecks.

Visit LiftMode’s official website!

HR Supplements

HR Supplements is a Phoenix, Arizona-based manufacturer and distributor of several lines of nutritional supplements. They offer bulk sports supplements as well as a good selection of nootropics and mushroom extracts.

HR Supplements, also goes by the names Hard Rhino and Supplement Partners, sells lab-tested phenibut in both HCl and FAA forms. After the recent price hike by most vendors, this one offers the cheapest legit phenibut you can find online.

They do in-house lab tests and you can download or request the certificate of analysis corresponding to a specific lot.

  • Sells powder at $13.49 for 30 grams.
  • Sells capsules at $15.49 for 90 count x 275mg.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts major credit cards.

Visit HR Supplements’ official website!

Nootropics Depot

If you’ve done any research about nootropics vendors then you must have heard a lot about Nootropics Depot! Well, they are indeed one of the most established suppliers with a solid reputation for superb quality control.

Nootropics Depot has almost any brain enhancer product you can think of, and phenibut has been topping the list of their best sellers for years. Their price used to be a bit lower for this product, but they’ve recently jacked it up sending some of their customers looking for cheaper alternatives.

Lab tests are done in-house and COAs can be requested individually.

  • Sells powder at $17.99 for 25 grams.
  • Sells capsules at $14.99 for 60 count x 250mg.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts major credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies.

Visit Nootropics Depot’s official website!


NutriVitaShop offers a variety of nutritional products in powder form. They are known for their wholesale/bulk pricing, which makes them a good choice for buyers looking to order large quantities.

Their most popular products include protein powders (whey, hemp, etc.) as well as other natural and herbal supplements. Most of their sales seem to come from eBay where they have lots of positive reviews.

NutriVitaShop currently sells phenibut through their website, and while they don’t provide a certificate of analysis, many users attest to the quality of their products. They also carry aniracetam and oxiracetam, but not other synthetic nootropics.

  • Sells powder at $39.95 for 100 grams.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts major credit cards.

Visit NutriVitaShop’s official website!


SportPoeders (Dutch for Sport Powders) is a Netherlands-based shop where you can source many powdered dietary supplements at reasonable prices. They’ve been in business for a few years and most of their customers report receiving quality products.

This is one of the few remaining reputable EU sellers of phenibut HCl powder and other natural nootropic compounds. Their COA seems to be provided by their raw material supplier, not third-party tested.

  • Sells powder at €30.95 (Euros) for 100 grams.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts PayPal, bank transfer and other transfer options.

Visit SportPoeders’ official website!

Raw Powders

Raw Powders is a UK vendor of nutritional supplements with a registered company address in Kaunas, Lithuania. They are one of UK’s most popular suppliers of phenibut and various other nootropics and sports supplements.

Their quality is fine, but their prices are on the higher side, similar to most other UK and EU suppliers. They offer a few shipping options, including express shipping, so if you are located in Europe and looking for fast delivery, Raw Powders is one of the top choices to consider, although I’d vouch more for SportPoeders.

  • Sells powder at €35.95 (Euros) for 50 grams.
  • Sells capsules at €41.95 (Euros) for 90 count x 500mg.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts credit and debit cards.

Visit Raw Powders’ official website!

Cosmic Nootropic

Cosmic Nootropic is a Moscow, Russia-based vendor that carries a selection of legit brand-name products made by pharmaceutical companies in Russia and other countries.

They offer brand-name phenibut tablets: Noophen by Olainfarm, as well as a cheaper generic, pharmaceutical grade version by Organika and other manufacturers.

It’s pretty much the same stuff you get from other generic suppliers, but a little more costly. I’d say stick with U.S. sellers, but if you’d like to try something new then this is an option to consider.

  • Sells tablets (generic brand) at $9.00 for 20 count x 250mg.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts cryptocurrencies and manual money transfer.

Visit Cosmic Nootropic’s official website!


Similar to Cosmic Nootropic, RUPharma is another Russian seller of a wide selection of pharmaceutical grade products. They mostly offer branded generic drugs made in Russia, India and some Eastern European countries.

RUPharma has Noofen/Noophen: brand-name phenibut capsules that are medically approved in Russia and a few other countries. Noofen is manufactured by OlainFarm: one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers headquartered in Latvia.

In addition to the premium Noofen brand, RUPharma offers a couple of cheaper generic brands that are also manufactured by licensed pharmaceutical companies.

  • Sells brand-name caps (Noofen) at €40 (Euros) for 20 count x 250mg.
  • Sells generic brand caps (Anvifen) at €12 (Euros) for 20 count x 250mg.
  • Sells generic brand tabs (Fenibut) at €7 (Euros) for 20 count x 250mg.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts Bitcoin, Monero and bank transfer.

Visit RUPharma’s official website!


SuperSmart is one of Europe’s oldest retailers of nutritional supplements. The company is headquartered in Luxembourg and they have a U.S. office and website.

SuperSmart (aka Super-Nutrition) offers phenibut in capsule form. Judging by the generally positive feedback about their products, I wouldn’t worry much about quality, but the price point is higher than most other stores.

  • Sells capsules at $39.00 for 60 count x 500mg.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts major credit cards and PayPal.

Visit SuperSmart’s official website!


Intellimeds is a European supplier of nootropic compounds in capsule and powder form. They are located in the UK, but they do not disclose the company’s exact physical address. Orders are dispatched from warehouses located in Spain and the Netherlands (probably third-party distributors).

As far as product quality is concerned, they are generally fine, but their prices are very high compared to other shops. Sometimes, their website doesn’t load properly so you’ll have to reload/refresh the page.

  • Sells powder at £37.56 (GBP) for 50 grams.
  • Sells capsules at £21.03 (GBP) for 50 count x 400mg.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts Bitcoin and bank transfer.

Visit Intellimeds’ official website!


Science.bio has recently launched with an interesting selection of nootropic products. They branched out from another company called IRC.bio, which used to be a reputable vendor before they closed their business a while ago.

They do third-party lab tests and provide the COAs on their website. Shipments are dispatched from the U.S. but they don’t have a physical address or a phone number.

This company doesn’t have a lot of customer feedback yet, but there are some positive reviews of them on Reddit. They seem rather legit to me, however, I’d stick with better-known companies for the time being.

  • Sells powder at $19.99 for 50 grams.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts cryptocurrencies and credit/debit cards (via a third party).

Visit Science.bio’s official website!


TheSmartShopOnline is an Internet-based retail store that is basically a reseller offering different categories of merchandise from various brands. They carry several nootropic supplements from a couple of U.S. manufacturers.

The phenibut they sell is made by a company called Life Science Solutions. I couldn’t find any information or feedback about this company, and they are rather unknown among the nootropics community. They have only recently launched and they seem to be gaining some momentum.

I spotted a few customer reports of poor service by TheSmartShopOnline, so I’d probably stick with more popular nootropics shops for now.

  • Sells powder at $18.00 for 25 grams.
  • Sells capsules at $15.00 for 30 count x 250mg.
  • Ships to the U.S. only.
  • Accepts major credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies.

Visit TheSmartShopOnline’s official website!

Absorb Health

Absorb Health is a manufacturer of various types of dietary supplements that are sold on their website and also on Amazon (the natural products only) and other outlets. The company is based in the U.S. but they have moved their headquarters to the UK.

A few years ago, Absorb Health was among the top user-recommended vendors for nootropics, but lately there have been numerous complaints from their customers about questionable product quality and poor customer service. There are several negative reviews right on their Facebook page and they don’t bother to respond or explain!

Their phenibut’s certificate of analysis is provided by their Chinese supplier, which some argue should not be trusted.

  • Sells powder at $29.99 for 50 grams.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Accepts major credit cards, Bitcoin and eCheck.

Visit Absorb Health’s official website!

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